xConnect Straight-Through Tee (M-M-F)


Product Overview

This xConnect straight-through tee adaptor is used primarily for power injection when injecting from the same power supply that is powering the pixels.

This version of connector has continuous connections between all 3 ports making it ideal for power injection from the same power supply as the pixel string. 

See the wiring diagram for more details.

If you are looking to power inject from a separate power supply, your positive voltage (V+) lines should not be connected between the last pixel and the injection point.  Please see our other product, RGBTPI for that purpose.

Note: In some cases, the additional length of the data line from the power injection cable can cause signal loss on the pixels.  This is due to the extra impedence caused by the wire.  If you experience this problem, you can remove the data pin of the male power injection connector on the tee by gripping it with needed nose pliers and pulling it out.