xConnect Power Injection Tee (M-M-F)


Product Overview

This xConnect power injection tee adaptor is used primarily for power injection.

This version of the connector has a broken V+ signal between the input and output connectors.  It allows you to inject power from a new power supply without crossing positive voltage lines. 

Please see the wiring diagram for more information.

Grounds are connected on all 3 legs. 
Data passes from input to output.
V+ from the input is connected to V+ on the power injection leg.
The data line on the power injection leg is connected to V+ on the output leg.

IMPORTANT - Wiring instructions for power injection pigtail in your controller box:

Scenario 1: You are injecting power from the same power supply as the previous pixel line.
Connect V+ and DATA together inside the controller and wire to positive voltage.

Scenario 2: You are injecting power from a DIFFERENT power supply as the previous pixel line.
Wire the DATA line of the power injection pigtail to positive voltage inside the controller.
Do not connect the V+ line of the pigtail to anything.  This is receiving power from the previous pixel line.

If you want a power injection tee where each line is connected across all three pins, see our other product, RGBTMMF.