12v 9-LED Clear Dome Light (UCS2903)


Product Overview

These 35mm dome lights have 9 LEDs and are controlled by a UCS2903 chip.  They are perfect for retro-fitting the popular RBL's (really big lights) or any other prop where you want a single pixel that produces a lot of light.

  • 12 volts, 16 watts
  • IP65 rating
  • 20cm xConnect pigtails
  • UCS2903 IC

Note about UCS2903:
The UCS2903 chip is compatible with WS2811 and can be controlled by selecting WS2811 as your chip type. However, the recommendation is to not mix UCS2903 and actual WS2811's on the same pixel string.  So, you'll want to have all of these lights on their own pixel port of your controller and they will work fine configured as WS2811.

Product Videos